Dubai Business Health Retreat


Dubai Business Health Retreat

Who’s Jef Geys

I specialize in fatigue, burnout, stress, physical training, nutrition, supplementation and increasing mental resilience. I have successfully treated Olympic athletes. I have decided to extrapolate my experience and knowledge. So that is why I have established a treatment program for healthy lifestyle adepts. For those who are concerned about their health and want to in top shape. As a Msc. Sports Physiotherapist, ACE Health Coach and author of “Rest is the New Sport”, I start with the following premise: the body must first be fully equipped and in good condition before effort. We test physical, hormonal, mental and emotional fatigue. Based on the test results, I advise on how to increase energy levels and find a balance between load and recovery. My guidance focuses on different areas, from food to sports and time management.

The emotional, physical and mental aspects of the person are linked. It is useless for people who are mentally tired, to attend a management course. You can’t expect to capitalize from it, if you can´t focus. First, you need help to manage your stress and physical problems. Then you can truly benefit from training, courses and physical activity. Obviously, there is no significant evolution in a fatigued person. First step is to tackle this, then the sky is not the limit.

During this 8-day trip I will take you on a journey where you rediscover your own body from different angles.  You will learn how to perform, how to recover and heal using your full potential.  I will create awareness of how you have been treating yourself without being judgmental.  And if your actions are indeed coherent with your thoughts and feelings, or not.

What will we be testing during this Dubai Business Health Retreat

We test specific physiological systems to define Mental, Physical and Hormonal fatigue.  Today in average 70% of the people suffer from any kind of fatigue.

Test – find – solve it.

Stress Management

How to improve stress management skills

The following measures can be taken to improve stress management skills:

  • Identify the sources of stress and prioritize
  • Motivate yourself to find solutions
  • Manage stress through exercise

What is stress?  Different kinds of stressors?  Is stress always the bad guy?  How to identify stress and what you can do against negative stress?  Different stress reactions.  What to do against negative stress?  Are there stressors from which you get healthier, stronger?  What iss your optimal stress level?

Brain Energy / Circadian rhythm

What exactly is a circadian rhythm?  How you energize your brain and which factors have a negative impact on your daily brain energy level?  Learn to optimize your brain function based on your brainwaves.  Discover the difference between your conscious and subconscious mind.  Learn the different brainwaves and their functions.  Which are the causes of a Disturbed Circadian Rhythm?

Detox and immune system

What forms of detox exist?  Which type of detox fits me? How can you boost your immunity?  How can you reduce the impact of toxins daily?

Human longevity and physical training

What are determining factors in your lifestyle that can delay aging?  Physical training is the only stressor in your live that you can fully control.  When putting on your running shoes, you decide whether you obtain for a recovery training or rather a high intensity training?  What is the difference between sports and physical training?  How can physical training deplete your body?  How can physical training make you healthier? 

You will also be handed a copy of Belgian bestseller “Rest is the New Sport” the ultimate guide to staying healthy in these challenging times.


This business health retreat is an exclusive introduction to the different health aspects that can optimize your health. At the start, you will take a health test. This determines the total biological cost of your body considering on one hand load and on the other hand recovery. Brain tests, fitness level, stress, fatigue, etc. are some of the parameters I test. An individual report will be handed with clear guidelines and focus points. This will give you a clear view on the needs of your body and actions that can immediately improve your health.

My workshops are partly theoretical in the sense that we discuss various topics such as detox, stress management, brain energy, circadian rhythm and we also provide additional practical tips or exercises on site. No doubt this trip will be an unforgettable introduction to learn how to take care of your body in a consistent way. Next to the health part during this trip, we have included some beautiful experiences. Which will stimulate your senses in many ways, making this trip an unforgettable adventure. Buckle up for an incredible journey. Because health is the new luxury

Jef Geys
Ace Health Coach / MSc Sports Physiotherapy

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