Luxury Business Well-being Retreat




With the luxury business well-being retreat we created a new form of travelling. But let me tell you first a little bit more why I think we need this type of travelling before I explain you what it is about.

As an entrepreneur, we face many challenges, every day. I asked myself how can we deal with these challenges? How do we keep up with the intensive pace we are living? And how do we remain focussed on our goals and achieving them? Without losing sight of our own health as well. 

Getting inspired by my Indian roots

The meaning of my name Subhadra is “source of well-being”. I have had a great interest in well-being for all my life. Add to this that my roots are in Kerala, the one region in India that breaths Ayurveda. And you will find the obviously connection to our well-being projects.

So, while I often travel to India. I did notice how much appreciation and attention there is for a healthy lifestyle. Despite the image we might have of India. And above all taking care of your health in India isn’t only about going to the spa and enjoying a massage. It also means taking care of your mind through meditation. Getting your body in shape through yoga. Paying attention to eat healthy organic food. 

To me it’s clear that Indian culture has an excellent balance between taking care of your body, mind and soul. And that inspired me to create a new kind of project where we can combine business and health.

So why not learn from this old ancient culture and use the benefits on our own path.

Why we need a Luxury Business Well-being Retreat

Health is the new luxury. A healthy life is a happy life. Happy employee, happy employer. To become successful in your career, you must be in good health. To achieve great things, we need to be in good health.

I am sure when you read all these advices, you are aware of it. And it might all seem logic to you. But still many of us struggle to implement it in our daily life. Even though we are aware of its importance.

I must admit that I wasn’t paying enough attention to my own health as much as was needed in the past. But starting my own business my focus did change. As an entrepreneur I experienced that good health is just mandatory to get forward with my business.

Connecting your well-being project to your business

I discovered while travelling abroad that these moments create amazing opportunities. While we leave behind our natural habitat and give ourselves some time to let go of the daily business we are working on. I found that these times brought me new insights and moments of inspiration.

Having roots in 2 completely different cultures, Indian and European, is a huge advantage to me. I can see things from 2 perspectives. Combine experiences from 2 cultures. Join visions from two sides. Combining best of 2 worlds. And that is what I want to bring to you as well with our Business Wellbeing Travel Experience.

Enjoy our Luxury Busines Well-being Retreat at our favourite destinations

I started creating the business well-being retreat. Different experiences to a few of our favourite destinations. In co-operation with experts in their business area who will guide you on this magnificent journey. 

We truly believe that getting in touch with other cultures will create new insights, visions and ideas. We understand the importance of your health on your career. Whether you are a business professional, a CEO or an entrepreneur. 

In an amazing setting and a challenging programme you will be able to achieve a new level of knowledge in different areas.

Our goal is to change your mindset into a healthy mindset & lifestyle

I love to inspire others but I l also love to get inspired. It keeps our mind clear and focussed. It helps us create new projects. Because as an entrepreneur, business official or CEO we need to get inspired. We need to stay innovative. Explore new opportunities. Get challenged and keep on learning new things.

Our goal with the business well-being retreat is to create a new kind of experience. One where we create space. 

Letting go of your natural habitat can create positive change in your life.  

We create personalized experiences

For each project, we create a 100% unique tailor-made programme based on our ideas and your wishes. Modified to your teams wishes and expectations. Creating a unique experience together with our team of experts who will support you throughout your journey.

We create happiness, inspiration, experience travel. But most of all we want to create a sustainable lifetime experience. So get inspired and get ahead for many years. 

There will only be room for empowerment after you created space to find a balance in body, mind and soul.

For some of our destinations you need a visa

We offer the following destinations